The Wedding Party

We are happy to have a crew of awesome friends and family at our side for the wedding.  Here’s a bit about all of them:

Maid of Honor- Alexis Seneff


Alexis and Caitlin met in Physician Assistant school after the two were paired up as Clinical Assessment lab partners, which means they had to learn how to do the physical exam by practicing on each other.  Definitely awkward, but what came out of it was an amazing friendship.  Alexis is one of Caitlin’s favorite people in the world.  Actually, she’s a lot of people’s favorite person in the world because she’s the most thoughtful, trustworthy, smart, fun, and funny friend anyone could ever ask for.  The two have lived together for the past 3 years now (almost), and just get each other.  Alexis is actually the one who introduced Caitlin to Joel, as she claims she knew they’d be good together (they really owe her for that one, huh).  You will likely find her on the dance floor busting a move (most likely in double-time) that you’re probably going to want to try out yourself.  Fun fact about Alexis:  She’s the first PA to ever work in Johns Hopkins Medical ICU.  Did I mention she’s brilliant?  Caitlin is her biggest fan.

Bridesmaid – Amy Monaco

photo (1)

She’s super cute, really smart, extremely witty, and she’s one of Caitlin’s best friends.  Caitlin and Amy met in high school.  They had every class together and were inseparable senior year.  Amy never fails to get those around her laughing, even if it’s sometimes in reaction to something ridiculous she said.  She’s also a lot of fun, and hanging out with her is always entertaining.  Amy and Caitlin have a lot of fantastic memories as the two were always going off on some sort of adventure together.  Amy was the one who would always drive up to Rutgers and drive Cait around when she broke her tibia her freshman year of college.  She is still someone Caitlin knows she can count on for ANYTHING if she needed it.  Amy also gives the best advice out of anyone she knows.  Fun fact about Amy:  She doesn’t (and never has or will) eat anything red or green.  Weird, right?  She’s definitely one of a kind.

Bridesmaid – Angela Lamb

photo (2)

Caitlin’s mom always says that Angela is Caitlin’s first real friend.  That’s not exactly true being that the two didn’t meet until freshman year of high school, but sometimes it feels like she is Caitlin’s first true friend, and she remains one of Caitlin’s best.  She is one of the most honest and sincere humans you’ll ever meet.  She definitely wears her heart on her sleeve, and you never have to guess at what’s going on in her head.  Caitlin and Angela played soccer together all through high school and college (on their hometown’s club team), and were inseparable for most of their teenage years.  They have an incredible amount of amazing memories together, and she has truly been there for Caitlin through the best and the not so best of times.  She probably knows Caitlin better than Caitlin knows herself at times.  She is an incredible friend and person, even though she is an Eagles fan now.  Fun fact about Angela:  She’s been to more Dave Matthews concerts than…well than anyone Caitlin knows at least..ANDDDD SHE’S HAVING A BABY IN AUGUST!  Caitlin is ecstatic regarding this news.  Ang is going to make an adorable prego bridesmaide 🙂

Bridesmaid- Elizabeth Lynch

photo (3)

Elizabeth is truly a gem of a human.  She’s the classiest gal you’ll ever meet, and always looks fantastic.  She’s definitely the peacekeeper of the group, the one no one can ever really seem to get mad at, which is not surprising once you meet her.  Caitlin and Elizabeth actually met in the dressing room at Macy’s where they were both trying on dresses for their Confirmation.  Little did Caitlin know that her and Elizabeth would grow to be super close in high school and she’d end up being in her bridal party as one of her best friends.  Elizabeth is one of those people you just want to be around.  She has this way of making people feel comfortable and happy.  She’s an amazing friend, and is someone Caitlin truly looks up to because she’s just an incredible person.  She’s also a lot of fun.  Fun fact about Elizabeth:  She’s super talented!  She acts, sings, and is really crafty and creative.  You’ll probably want to be best friends with her too when you meet her.

Bridesmaid – Kelsey Blaine

Borfus Sandwich

Borfus Sandwich

Kelsey is Joel’s little sister, but even if she wasn’t, Caitlin would still want her up there with her on her and Joel’s big day (even though her name doesn’t start with a vowel).  Caitlin has declared Kelsey as her favorite Blaine, and I’m sure you’ll understand why when you meet her.  She’s one of those people who will go out of her way to make you feel warm and welcome, and she’s extremely easy to talk to.  She’s also incredibly funny, and super tough.  Afterall, she did grow up with the 3 Blaine boys as her older brothers.  Even though she lives in North Carolina, and Caitlin only gets to see her every few months, they always seem to have a blast together.  Caitlin is so excited to have her as the sister she never had (aww, I know, right?).  Fun fact about Kelsey:  She’s going to be a Physician Assistant!  And a fantastic one at that.  She’s still interviewing, and hasn’t decided where she’s going yet, but all the programs are trying to snatch her up, because they know how awesome she is.


Jesse Blaine – Best Man

jesse and sarah jesse sled

Jesse is a best man because he is. We used to run a (flailing) start-up together that could have really brought out the down side of people, luckily Jesse’s down side is better that my up side. I recall a time when we were in a 12′ storage tank trying to clean out vegetable oil sludge with the most primitive tools – this otherwise miserable scenario was actually good, because it was with him. I can count on him for anything, loyal to the end, and my only complaint is that he currently lives across the globe. I’m also asking him to officiate.

Zach Blaine – Best Man

zag zagger

Ah Zach, my younger, dumber brother and one of my best friends hands down. Zach had a bit of a dour demeanor as a young tot, but he must have gotten it all out of his system then. Our only family video has him pouting in a floatie at the corner of the pool by himself. Now Zach is one of the most up-for-anything, chill, and outright fun people I know. We spent a summer living together in Baltimore and it is easily one of my favorite periods. His sense of humor is pretty good, but for some reason he just kills me.

Groomsman – Seye Iwarere


Seye is the guy in the center of the tidal wave of women. This picture is very fitting for Seye, but it would be a mistake to think that is the whole picture. Seye is one of the most well rounded and interesting people I know. We lived in Baltimore together for ~5 years and he’s one of my best friends. Seye is a truly loyal friend. He’s got a huge social network and a crazy busy schedule but will drop anything to help you out. He’s a generous and fun dude, and I could really afford to take a page out of his book. Plus, look at the guy.

Groomsman – Tyler Keyworth


Tyler has also had the privilege of living with me in Baltimore for a number of years. Living with friends can often be the deathblow to a relationship. But if you’ve ever met Tyler you can understand how the 3+ years and two different houses has done the opposite. Tyler takes an interest in people on a real level. He is an extremely thoughtful, adventurous, and endearing person. He will always go out of his way on your behalf and has a great un-panicked perspective on life. I am  glad to still call him a friend. 

Groomsman – Bert Chee


You should ask Bert how many times he’s felt like choking me since we met in college. You can tell Bert is a good friend by the amount of times he has taken his friends to the ER. He is the kind of person that puts other people ahead of himself, even in the middle of watching a Starcraft tournament. I can’t even count the number of times Bert has helped me out in a bind. Bert will always surprise you with his adaptability – go backpacking with the guy and be amazed at his persistence and resolve. He also loves doing really meticulous, mundane tasks.

Groomsman – Brian Wantuch


Brian lives life pretty big. I’m sure he’s going places, so buy stock in the guy now. I’ve heard he was a terror growing up – but that’s always the sister’s perspective. I’m gonna go with Brian on this one. He’s been such a blast to get to know and I am super pumped to add him as a part of my family. Brian is a vibrant, boisterous fellow, but it doesn’t stop there. He’s an honest and dedicated man and I like his angle on living.

Groomsman – Conor Wantuch


Conor is the man. I am always excited to hang out with Conor on our trips back to NJ. Conor is a down to earth, easy going, and self content guy. He puts his time into things that he values without needing to consent from the latest trend. Conor welcomed me in to his family, and I think I am only returning the favor. His disc golf game is no joke either and it may only be a matter of time before the title changes hands.


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